Carolin Färber shares her life with almost 150,000 followers on her Instagram account. Together with her friend Carolin Kammermeier, she made the journey from the Allgäu to Austria.



Number of travellers:
Carolin Färber and Carolin Kammermeier

Vehicle type: 
Carado T449

Travel period:
5 days in August 2021

Kilometres travelled:
approx. 660 km

Starting point: 
Leutkirch im Allgäu (Germany)

Salzburg, Mondsee

Wolfgangsee (Austria)


Hello Caro and Caro, welcome back from your short trip! You travelled to Austria from the Allgäu. Which place or spot on this tour will you remember most positively?:

The circular hiking trail around Lake Wolfgang, which goes directly along the shore. In the pouring rain. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and could guess what it could be like if the weather was still okay. We definitely have to go there again when the sun shines on our faces.

Was there a campsite or pitch on your travel route that you would recommend to others?:

By chance we ended up at the Birkenstrand campsite on Lake Wolfgang. A very idyllic and small place. We were lucky enough to have a parking space right on the lake. Every day starts well with a cup of coffee and a dip in the water.

What are the top 3 things to do that you would definitely recommend for a trip like yours?

  1. Bathing: We love to jump into cold water. No matter where we are with the Carado - we always make a stop on the way and jump into a small stream, river, lake or, of course, preferably into the sea.
  2. Hiking: We both come from the country and were born and raised in the mountains. The choice is huge, especially in Austria. We always use the Komoot app to plan tours.
  3. Riding a racing bike: You can go on great tours, especially in the Salzkammergut. Mondsee - Wolfgangsee - Fuschlsee - Attersee.

What was the highlight of your trip?

Outdoor pizza - we had a portable pizza oven with us. So, we could simply drive the motorhome to a secluded place and prepare our own pizza outdoors. A slightly different dinner, but just as we like it: camping, outdoors, freedom.


Cooking or going out to eat: what do you appreciate more on your vacation?

Cooking clearly. We just love opening a bottle of wine, listening to music, cooking and eating in front of the RV. That gives us a sense of freedom.


What moment or event during your journey will you not soon forget?

That it just rained heavily and that we had imagined the camping trip with sunshine and a lot of time outside. But it usually turns out differently than planned. Nevertheless, we made it nice and special for that very reason. We jumped into the lake in the rain and made ourselves comfortable in bed and just "chatted".


What are the absolute “must-haves” on your packing list for a camping holiday?

  • The Bialetti coffee machine - we simply cannot start the day without a cosy cup of coffee. An absolute highlight is of course to drink the coffee outdoors. One step out of the Carado, and there’s coffee in the middle of nature!
  • Skip-Bo cards.
  • And the most useful thing at the end: a rinsing tub!
What did you find particularly fascinating about this type of travel?:

The Carado T449 itself. Since the weather didn't cooperate, we spent a lot of time inside. The layout is brilliant - this is our absolute favourite model. The back bed is super large and can be separated from the living area with the toilet door. This is how you can create small retreats. While one is working, the other can make themselves comfortable in bed with a book.

And what else did you like about your Carado T449?

The storage space is amazing. We had two racing bikes with us and of course our pizza oven. And that wasn't a problem at all.


Did you plan your tour in advance? Or was the route planning spontaneous?

We had an approximate destination, but we never know where we will end up. This is exactly what we appreciate so much about a holiday with a motorhome: the freedom to stop wherever we like. And mostly in places that are a bit remote.


After your trip, do you have any advice or tips that you can pass on?

In our case: always have rainwear and flip-flops with you and see the holiday as an adventure. Adventure is always fun - regardless of the weather.



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