Number and Names of travellers:
2 adults and 1 small child (Hansi, Kathi and Leonie)

Vehicle type: 
Carado CV540

Travel period:
1 week in April 2022

Kilometres travelled:
1,100 km

Starting point: 
Gmund (Germany)

Kobarid (Slovenia)

End point:
Krk (Croatia)


Hansi Heckmair is a professional photographer, in his work he brings together external influences and personal impressions. With a wide range of experience in the outdoor, automotive and sports sectors, Hansi Heckmair is a perfect match for Carado - and our EDITION15 camper van is perfect for him and his family.

Hello Hansi, welcome back from your trip.
We look forward to hearing all about it!
Why did you choose this itinerary for your trip?

Our goal was to get to Krk in Croatia and use the drive there as part of the trip. That's why we decided to go to certain spots in Slovenia and Italy. Our time was limited and with a small child we wanted to spend as few kilometers on the road as possible. The weather forecast and good tips from friends made it easy for us to decide on these travel destinations.

Freedom of wild camping or the comfort of campsites:
What was your favourite place to stay?

The absolute peace and seclusion between the mountains during a night in the wilderness was an amazing experience for us. But the comfort of a campsite and other families with small children to play around also have something to offer. We really enjoyed the days on the campsite at Krk. It's all in the mix! And when camping wild: only use legal spots and always keep them clean! With a mobile home, this flexibility is ideal. You can design your trip to accommodate different components and ideas.

What did you find particularly exciting as a photographer on your trip?

The impressive landscapes and the big differences in the vegetation were (and are) appealing to me on our trip. From rough mountain landscapes to lush green to barren moonscapes and turquoise blue sea, everything was there. Europe is really wonderful in its diversity. Countries like Slovenia in particular have an unbelievable range to offer.

What are your top 3 spots that you explored?

Our top 3 also includes three countries:


Lago del Predil (Italy)


Soča (Slovenia)


Uvala Vela Draga Beach and Surroundings on Krk (Croatia)


Every single spot is a unique piece of nature in its own way.


Would you recommend the combination of work and travel in a camper van to other creative people?

If there is enough time for the trip, definitely. The transition from work to vacation is fluid, and with a look through the camera some things can be experienced even more intensively or with a different eye. I feel privileged to be able to share these moments with my family.

Which photo taken on the trip is your favourite?

Which spot of your trip is number one for you in the category "worth seeing"?

The Soča in Slovenia. The turquoise water of the river is just amazing and unique. The entire river valley and its surroundings have so much to offer for an active holiday - from hiking and biking to water sports such as kayaking.


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