Winter sports and work-life balance


The sporting career of Nordic combined skier Fabian Rießle is peppered with many successes: Olympic gold with the team at the 2018 Winter Games, the world title in the team competition at the Nordic World Ski Championships in 2015 and 2017 and in the team sprint in 2019. But everything changed with the birth of his daughter in October 2020.

Since then, family has taken a central place in his life alongside sport. Maintaining the right balance here is a challenge. Especially in everyday training. Together with Carado, Fabian Rießle has found a way to balance both. "I find it very difficult to go away because I have a small child at home. I also don't like to leave my partner alone during parental leave. Thanks to the camper van, they can both travel with me and support me." Especially mentally, the two of them are an important support for him.

Together with his wife Sandra Ringwald, herself also a long-time World Cup cross-country skier, and his daughter Paula, the sports soldier is always on the move. "If my training schedule allows it, we can also go on a spontaneous discovery trip sometimes," Fabian Rießle tells us.

Together, Fabian and Carado will get you fit for the track.

Fabian gives you tips on how to improve your cross-country technique.

From the road directly onto the cross-country ski trail

A practical combination: winter sports and winter camping

Professional athlete Fabian Rießle reveals his favourite cross-country skiing areas for camping

In winter, the snow makes the hearts of winter sports fans beat faster. Cross-country skiing on the trails reveals the white landscape from its most charming side. For pure nature, many combine this popular sport with winter camping and set up their motorhomes on a pitch near the cross-country ski trail.

Olympic champion Fabian Rießle is one of them: in his free time, the Nordic combined skier enjoys travelling to numerous cross-country skiing areas in a Carado motorhome with his wife Sandra and daughter Paula. A practical combination for the man from Freiburg: the vehicle makes it easy to drive to campsites and cross-country ski trails. After a day on the trails, the Carado is the perfect retreat for Fabian. He stows his sports equipment in the rear, freshens up with a hot shower and rounds it all off with dinner.

Together with Fabian Rießle, Carado has put together nine beautiful cross-country skiing areas for every level of difficulty with pitches in the immediate vicinity.




Seefeld in the heart of Tyrol is one of Fabian Rießle's favourite destinations. And not just because he won gold here at the 2019 World Championships! Cross-country skiing has a long tradition here at 1,200 metres above sea level. The region has hosted the Olympics three times and is considered a training and competition centre for top athletes. Cross-country skiing fans of all levels will get their money's worth on the 245 km network of trails. The EuroParcs Leutasch - Seefeld in the middle of the Wettstein and Karwendel mountains is the ideal starting point for camping fans to explore the numerous cross-country ski trails all around. An extensive wellness area rounds off the offer perfectly. 




Balderschwang is the highest municipality in Germany and is also known as "Bavarian Siberia" among cross-country skiing fans. The area in the Oberallgäu region offers guaranteed snow and state-of-the-art trails. With a length of over 120 kilometres, there is something for every level of difficulty, with the majority consisting of moderately difficult sections. The Grenzlandloipe trail takes you from Balderschwang to Hittisau in Austria, where additional tours await. At 1,044 metres, the Schwabenhof campsite is located directly on the trail and offers delicious Allgäu cuisine and the finest regional delicacies.




The Nordic Centre near Oberstdorf in the Allgäu region is one of the most modern winter sports arenas in the world. The 71 km long network of trails (67 km for skating) includes a world championship trail network with over 30 trail variants. Whether flat terrain, a mountain stage or a leisurely loop - there is something for everyone here. 10 km of trails can be covered with artificial snow. In addition, the floodlights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from Christmas also attract night-time skiers to the trail. The Rubi-Camp campsite is also located in Oberstdorf. The bistro and barrel sauna invite you to recharge your batteries and warm up after a long day in the snow.n. 




From his home town of Freiburg, Fabian Rießle is just a stone's throw away from Lenzkirch, the largest ski resort in the Black Forest. The network of trails covers 25 kilometres of all levels of difficulty through the fir forests and open terrain that give the region its name. The short but challenging Pflumberg trail (4.3 km) combines all possible stylistic elements of cross-country skiing. The reward is a view of the Lenzkirch valley from the top of the hill. Camping Kreuzhof is a family-friendly campsite. An indoor pool, sauna and steam bath ensure a pleasant stay.




Oberhof in the Thuringian Forest offers cross-country skiers a total of 160 kilometres of freshly groomed trails every day. Beginners can try their hand at the learning trail, advanced skiers can choose between the "Alte Rollerbahn" I and II, while those looking for more difficult challenges can choose between five different trails. The Oberhof caravan park is located on the ridge of the Thuringian Forest, directly on the Rennsteig trail. The two highest peaks of the low mountain range, the Beerberg (982 m) and the Schneekopf (978 m), are in the immediate vicinity. With its ski and toboggan meadow including snow tubing and magic carpet (conveyor belt ascent aid), the car park is also attractive for families and children. 




Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the south of Bavaria is a paradise for cross-country skiing fans. At an altitude of 850 metres, there is a 30 km network of trails for classic and skating. 12 km of tracks are suitable for beginners. More experienced skiers will work up a sweat on the trail from the Kaltenbrunn cross-country centre to Klais with its many ascents and descents. Always in view: the imposing Zugspitze. The 5-star Camping Resort Zugspitze offers the highest level of comfort for winter sports fans. Pitches with private bathrooms can be booked on request, while a panoramic sauna, wellness area and massages ensure relaxation in the evenings. 




The Tannheimer Tal is located in the Tyrolean district of Reutte (Austria) and is secretly known as the "most beautiful highland in Europe". With a total length of 49 km (easy), 43 km (medium) to 4 km (difficult), the Alpine panorama offers trails for every level of difficulty. A highlight: the route from Tannheim to Vilsalpsee through the middle of the nature reserve. The Comfortcamp Grän is a campsite in the Tannheimer Tal that has been family-run since 1975. It attracts visitors with a wellness area including a panoramic sauna and a wide range of activities for children.




With more than 130 kilometres of trails of all levels of difficulty, the trail network in Ruhpolding is a paradise for beginners, advanced and competitive skiers alike. The highlight of the trail network is the 3-lake trail, which is also known as "Little Canada" thanks to the glistening snow, forests and lakes. The Lindlbauer campsite offers its guests a spacious pitch with a breathtaking alpine panorama in the "Waschalm" and modern bathrooms and washrooms. The Kaiserscharrn café and a small beer garden invite you to linger and younger guests can have fun in the playground.




With around 180 kilometres of cross-country ski trails and a total of 13 interconnected cross-country circuits, the Ammergau Alps make every winter sports fan's heart beat faster. In addition to various levels of difficulty, they offer a fantastic view of the highest mountain in Germany: the Zugspitze. Around 3,000 enthusiastic cross-country skiing fans gather here at the beginning of February for the annual König-Ludwig-Lauf, also known as the "Luggi-Lauf". The family-run 4-star Campingpark Oberammergau is very popular with winter sports fans, as cross-country ski trails can be reached from the site. Famous sights such as Lindenhof Castle and Neuschwanstein Castle are also close by.

Tech tips

Together, Fabian and Carado will get you fit for the cross-country ski trail.

In short clips, Fabian gives tips on how you can improve your cross-country skiing technique.

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1. Tip



This technique is the fastest in skating and is mainly skated in a straight line or when going slightly downhill. Here, an arm swing is added to every other leg push-off.

To note:

1. Always stand straight over the ski. To do this, you can imagine a vertical line between your foot, knee and hip.

2. The hips should actively come forward and up.

3. The poles should not be inserted too far back but at about the same height as the binding.

This way you can generate as much thrust to the rear as possible. 

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2. Tip



With this technique, an arm swing is added to each leg kick. The 1-1 is mainly used on flat terrain or when it is slightly uphill.  

To note: 

1. the poles should be used slightly in front of the shoe to generate as much power as possible.

2. stay as stable as possible in the upper body and do not swing back and forth. 

3. when pushing off the legs, do not let the skis swing too far out, otherwise you will lose time and distance. 

4. the gliding phases can be used as a short recovery.





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3. Tip

2-1 On the Mountain


As the name suggests, the 2-1 mountain technique is mainly used on steep sections of the course. Technically it is very similar to the 2-1 with active arm swing, but it can also be "jumped". This is often seen in professional athletes.  

To note: 

1. steps should be as space forward as possible.

2. the leading arm and the leading leg should always come to the ground at the same time. 

3. the arms should not be fully extended, but at an angle of about 90° in front of the body.





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4. Tip

Technical Exercises


These four small exercises can be used to specifically improve or train some areas.

As the name suggests, the arms make a swimming motion here. You really notice how much propulsion can be generated via the active use of the arms and upper body.

In the second exercise, as in swimming, you don't need poles. The aim here is to generate as much power as possible by pushing off with the legs.

Pole exercise
For exercise number three, a stick is placed under the buttocks. This way you can work on posture and a straight hip position.

Super 1-1
In the Super 1-1, two arm swings are added to each leg kick. This exercise trains the balance and coordination of the arm swings.



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