Discover Denmark with Pintrip Discover Denmark with Pintrip

Henriette and Peter Rask created PinTrip with the intention to show how excellent Denmark is as a destination for motorhomes. During one of their trips, they discovered France Passion, a special concept from France that allowed motor homes to park amidst French wineries. The couple and their two sons traveled for two months with this concept and they were impressed, especially with the local experience that you gained access to. This trip to France gave birth to PinTrip in Denmark.

Great concept Great concept

In the PinTrip 2020 guide there are 250 hosts spread out all over Denmark. The concept is quite simple; With the purchase of PinTrip Guide, which costs 299 DKK, you gain a year’s membership (valid from 31.03 current year, to 31.03 the next year), and have access to motorhome parking and great experiences with the PinTrip hosts. Furthermore you can park your motorhome free of charge. You can park at each destination in 24 hours from the arrival time, and each hosts offers a maximum of 3 parking spots. All hosts have been specially selected by Henriette and Peter to offer secure parking with plenty of space outside the cities. Besides the physical guide, the newest venture is a PinTrip App, which is a digital suppliant to the guidebook. You get access to both, when you buy the PinTrip guide. 

PinTrip Guide is filled with many different hosts, which is a conscious choice the couple made. It is very important to them, that you have the freedom to choose where you want to spend the night depending on your interests. Furthermore the couple received direct access to all information regarding The Danish Road Directorates facilities for emptying sewage water, which makes it easier for you to travel around Denmark. In the back of PinTrip Guide 2020 there is a list showing some of the facilities, but the fully updated guide can be found on the PinTrip App.

PinTrip Guide can be bought on and also in some stores around Denmark. You can find more information regarding this on the website. If you want to be inspired or learn more about the concept, please join the Facebook group “PinTrippers”, where you can hear others experiences and share your own. Please follow on Facebook and Instagram, if you want to stay updated with all the latest news.


With the code PINTRIPCARADO you get 10% discount when you buy the guide! 

Have a taste of Denmark with PinTrip Have a taste of Denmark with PinTrip

When you feel hungry, you can just pop by one of the many local inns, which appears in PinTrip Guide. Here you can enjoy everything from traditional Danish dishes like fried pork belly, fried eel and fillet of plaice, to gourmet courses like lumpfish roe, deer and turbot. You can choose to enjoy the food at the little cozy inns, or maybe you prefer to bring the food back to your motorhome and enjoy your feed there – the choice is yours. If you prefer to get creative in the kitchen yourself, you can visit one of the many small farm boutiques from PinTrip Guide. They offer many different and tasty groceries like vegetables, fruit, salami, cheese and honey. Many of the farms are also visitation farms, so it is possible for you to get up close and personal with the farm animals. Henriette and Peter finds the experience really special, as it is very extraordinary to wake up in your motorhome at a local farm with great view of the fields, where many of the farm animals are grazing peacefully.

Discover the culture of Denmark Discover the culture of Denmark

In Pintrips 2020 Guide you will also find many small, unknown and quirky museums in Denmark, which offers unique experiences. Especially Henriette is crazy about these little treasure chests, because they are a vital, but overlooked part of the Danish cultural inheritance. The museums are also wide ranging with both textile-, middle-aged-, and Christmas museums. Furthermore there are museums with mechanical vehicles like tractors, motorbikes and trams, and also museums who are made interactive during the summer months. If you have a sweet tooth, you can even visit a museum dedicated to sweets. If you prefer the cooler temptations like ice cream, PinTrip Guide will guide you to the best ones available in Denmark. Many PinTrip hosts makes their own ice-cream with milk from their own cows, which makes the flavor exceptional. One of the thoughts behind PinTrip is to guide you around the Danish country roads and explore unfamiliar and unique places in Denmark, where you can experience the local life and the cozy atmosphere.


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