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We celebrate 15 years of Carado

Do you remember? The last time we climbed aboard to rediscover familiar paths? Or when we looked out of the window for hours but never got tired of it? When we did things to do them together? It's the little things that make these moments unforgettable. The toast together, a short time alone at the lake, the campfire, breathing deeply in a wonderful place. Let's collect these moments. Take them with us. Guard them like a treasure.

Carado Milestones

Gründung der Carado GmbH
Our first motorhome rolls off the production line
Introduction of the Overcab series
Introduction of the Fiat Ducato as the base vehicle for our motorhomes
Zweites Fertigungsband wird in Betrieb genommen
Founding of the Facebook fan group "Carado Wohnmobil Freunde"
Introduction of the Camper Van range
Introduction of the Integrated Series
Launch of "The way of taste"
Introduction of Carado Original Accessories
Introduction of the Van series
Carado is now a full-range supplier!
Wackeldackel Rudi is now available as a faithful travel companion
The 66,666th vehicle rolls off the production line
Carado wins the DCC Safety Award for the 2nd time
Carado reaches 40,000 followers on Facebook and 22,000 followers on Instagram
Carado wins the "König Kunde Award" for the 6th time
The Carado Camper Vans are now optionally available with a pop-up roof
The Carado integrated models get a facelift
Our manufacturing plant is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Experience unique moments

With the Edition15 models

Travel moments with Carado

Discover many memorable travel moments from our community! Enjoy unique impressions that were created on different journeys and let yourself be inspired.


On the road with: Ourtravelness:

Italy round trip

Ourtravelness, that's Thommy, Anni and Rosie. The self-proclaimed "travel family with a lot of adventure in their luggage" take their followers on Instagram into their everyday travels between family and being on the road.

The real Carado pros took us along on their round trip this time. The result is a video travel report that lets us feel the magic of Italy and at the same time provides us with important tips & tricks that could be important for the next trip.

On the road with: Valerie:

Short trip Europe: From Allgäu to Istria

Which spots in Europe do you show guests when you only have a week? Valerie had a visit from three friends from Canada and decided to do a little round trip: From the Allgäu they went via Munich and Innsbruck to Pula and further via Venice and back to the Allgäu.

On the road with: Kev Schmitz:

3 Seasons in 3 Countries

Always with his finger on the pulse, Kevin Schmitz is one of Germany's most sought-after content creators. With the Carado V337 of EDITION15, he set out on a journey of discovery - and developed content in Germany, Austria and Italy that includes more than just a few nice pictures.

On the way with: Hansi Heckmair:

Slovenia's nature, Italy's charm & Croatia's coast

Combining work, travel and family – that sounds like a good life. Photographer Hansi Heckmair set out together with his wife and little daughter and really enjoyed the diversity of Europe somewhere between seclusion, mountains, the dolce vita and the sound of the sea.

On the road with: Ourtravelness:

Camping with a toddler: 29 days in Spain in Autumn

There is only one broad goal and the intention to be spontaneous and flexible along the way: This trip takes Anni, Thommy and Rosie to Spain, where they say goodbye to old prejudices. With all its sights, Spain can fully score as a travel destination - and even in autumn.

On the way with: Georg Lindacher:

Imposing Alps

The Alps are very popular as a holiday destination and for short trips. The mountains are attracting more and more tourists. Photographer and content creator Georg Lindacher takes us on his three-day trip with the Carado CV540 to the Austrian Alps.

På väg med: Karoline Tigges:

Mellan naturen och Aten

First with a friend and now with her partner. Karoline Tigges was so enthusiastic about her trip to Greece that she quickly packed her two dogs again and set off again. This time on board: her boyfriend Kevin. And something else has changed: Back then with the camper van, this time Karo is on the road with a semi-integrated vehicle from Carado.

På resande fot med: Georg Lindacher:

Konst. Carado. Bretagne.

Vad händer när en fotograf och kreatör reser till Bretagne? Unika bilder av platser skapas och väcker reslust och längtan efter frihet.

På väg med: Carolin Färber:

Car(ad)o och regnet

En kort tur till foten av Alperna. Solsken? knappast. Men Carro och Carro gör ett äventyr av det. Med kaffe, racercyklar och livsglädje i bagaget.

On the go with: Karoline Tigges:

4 wheels and 12 paws

Two friends travel with three dogs from southern Germany to Greece. Pretty brave and such a long distance, right? However, Karo and Nikola think that fear has never been a good companion. And just do it. We start with a rough plan in hand. The goal: a good time for two two-legged friends and three four-legged friends.

On the way with: Andre Wagner:

My lockdown escape experiment

A trip to Germany. But not a normal one. André Wagner goes out with his family of 4. To make his ideas as a photographer come true even during Corona Virus times. While he used to spend weeks on photo expeditions in distant countries, the Carado T447 now serves as a retreat and temporary home. During these times, he has the opportunity to reconcile family and work. And even to discover powerful advantages.

På väg med: Debi Flügge:

6000 km utan campingplatser

Från Tyskland till Portugal och tillbaka. :Helt utan övernattning på campingplatser. Debi Flügge, hennes pojkvän Kev och hennes hund Django körde genom halva Europa till Algarvekusten och slog läger uteslutande på fria platser. Läs om hela hennes äventyr med massor av tips och tricks.

På väg med: Valerie:

Resan är målet

Valerie är fotograf och har sin egen podcast. Hennes bilder handlar främst om att fånga människor och stunder känslomässigt och på så sätt föreviga ögonblick. Från början hade Valerie en negativ känsla: rädslan för att köra bil.

On the road with Ourtravelness:

RoadTRI – Croatia for three

UESCO World Heritage Sites, Karl Mey film adaptations, magical lake landscapes and more. If you think of New Zealand or South America now, you're wrong. Anni, Thommy & Rosie from ourtravelness prove us wrong and take us on a road trip to and in Croatia.

On the road with: Tobias Nägele:

From the south to Rügen

Germany as a holiday destination has become increasingly attractive in recent months. Photographer Tobias Nägele travelled from Allgäu to the Baltic Sea: varied, entertaining and above all: underrated. In this interview, we talk to him about rapeseed fields, favourite places and why he recommends travelling precisely when no one else is on the road.

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