For the new model year 2022, the special equipment of a pop-up roof is available for the first time in the EDITION15 Carado Camper Vans. This upgrade adds two extra sleeping berths for even more comfort and a very special home from home feeling for the time on the road. The pop-up roof is black and can be purchased for all Camper Vans layouts on the Fiat Ducato chassis. The roof is accessed by means of a telescopic ladder, which is also approved for use outside, for example to clean the roof or to lash the bicycles to the bicycle rack at the rear. Inside the pop-up roof is a high-quality mattress with Goodside slats and a gooseneck light with integrated USB socket provides the right lighting. The tent fabric can be opened at the front as a "convertible" or "panorama" and there is a large roof vent that also provides light.


Your advantages at a glance Your advantages at a glance

  • LFI technology
  • Aerodynamically optimised
  • Electric unlocking of the pop-up roof
  • Modern bicolour design
  • Midi Heki 70 cm x 50 cm skylight for daylight
  • Easy handling
  • Spacious lying area of 206 cm x 143 cm
  • Mosquito net
  • Blackout option
  • Telescopic ladder
  • Fall-out protection
  • USB socket
  • 12 V socket
  • Integrated LED reading lamp


Modern technology for the bedroom:

The pop-up roof is built using LFI technology and is therefore not only flat but also stable. The closed substructure ensures that the pop-up roof is rigid and load-bearing. A skylight is installed directly above the entrance area to provide light inside. The pop-up roof is securely stowed at all times thanks to an electric release and additional safety straps.

Functionality of the pop-up roof:

The upper floor is very easy to open, because all you have to do is release the safety catches. The roof can then be raised by hand. If you pull on a loop, the pop-up roof folds up again, the safety catches have to be closed and that's it.

Additional bedroom:

Under the raised roof there are two additional sleeping berths with a lying surface of 206 cm x 143 cm. The Edition15 camper vans thus offer sleeping space for up to seven people, depending on the model.

Telescopic ladder:

To reach the upper floor easily, there is a ladder that is hooked in after opening. If you close the pop-up roof, the ladder is unhooked and stored in the spacious rear garage.

Mosquito net with blackout function:

With our pop-up roof, it is possible to open the tent bellows at the sides and front to create light and air. There are two closures for opening. A zip opens the opaque bellows and you sit protected behind a mosquito net. Velcro fasteners can be used to open this net if you want a clear view of the surroundings.

Safety net in the pop-up roof:

Whether drinking bottles or a book. Thanks to the practical safety net in the pop-up roof, which is very easy and quick to pull out and attach, your items are safe at all times and cannot fall off. And it can be removed just as quickly.

USB socket / 12 V connection / LED reading lamp:

In addition, there is a USB socket in the new pop-up roof, which can be used to charge a tablet or mobile phone, as well as a 12 V connection. Those who like to read a book in the evening will also be pleased with the integrated LED reading lamp, which not only provides pleasant light but also consumes less energy than conventional lamps.

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Camper Van
CV540 Edition15 Popup-tak
Chassitillverkare Fiat
Sittplatser 4 Persons
Sovplatser 4 - 5 Persons
Sängtyp Dubbelsäng
fordonets längd 5,41 m
Helt unik för dig och din semester. Denna speciella planlösning finns endast hos Carado i den här prisklassen.
av 694 400 kr
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Camper Van
CV600 Edition15 Popup-tak
Chassitillverkare Fiat
Sittplatser 4 Persons
Sovplatser 4 - 5 Persons
Sängtyp Dubbelsäng
fordonets längd 5,99 m
Nu kör vi! Allt är packat och klart. I garderoben och i över- och underskåpen finns massor med plats för allt man kan tänkas behöva på semestern.
av 706 800 kr
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Camper Van
CV601 Edition15 Popup-tak
Chassitillverkare Fiat
Sittplatser 4 Persons
Sovplatser 6 - 7 Persons
Sängtyp Dubbelsäng
fordonets längd 5,99 m
Skära. Koka. Fräsa. På den rymliga diskbänken är det en smal sak att laga mat. Så vad blir det till middag i dag då?
av 719 400 kr
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Camper Van
CV640 Edition15 Popup-tak
Chassitillverkare Fiat
Sittplatser 4 Persons
Sovplatser 4 - 5 Persons
Sängtyp Enkelsäng
fordonets längd 6,36 m
Sov som en kung med fantastisk utsikt. Bara öppna bakdörrarna och njut av utsikten från den längsgående sängen längst bak.  
av 731 700 kr
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