Many of us associate holidays to Scandinavia with wide open landscapes and boundless freedom. Experiencing the raw beauty of the Nordics in a motorhome is simply out of this world. Iceland in particular offers stunning natural landscapes, from the majestic Westfjords region to the country’s wild highlands. The small North Atlantic island is a true example of freedom and adventure. The amazing roads on the island make for unforgettable road trips. Fire up your Carado and hit the road. With the cold north wind nipping at your nose and a traditional fish sandwich in your hand, you’ll soon understand what they mean by “hygge”: living in the moment.




Travelling along
the road of dreams
Travelling along
the road of dreams


The motorhome was made for Scandinavian roads, or at least you’ll think so when you see the comfortable and well-constructed routes. Driving in Scandinavia is always an absolute joy, and it’s usually easy going enough that you can let your gaze wander. “Wait, was that just an elk back there?”

Another great reason to travel through Iceland and Northern Europe by motorhome: there’s a great deal to explore freely, and campsites have more than ample space. You can also pitch your tent almost anywhere and spend a night under the stars. It goes without saying that you should always be considerate of your host country, which of course means taking your rubbish with you and staying with a barbecue until the fire is completely out. Leaving no trace is the right way do it.


Take it easy,
slow it down
Take it easy,
slow it down


Many of us spend our daily lives dashing to and fro, always on the go. But you can do everything differently on holiday, starting with the usual rush. Easing off the gas is the order of the day for driving on Icelandic roads. You’ll be amazed by everything you get to see when you do!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re exploring the suburbs of Reykjavik or travelling along the Lofoten archipelago: travelling on Scandinavian roads is totally laid back. It may say something about the temperament of the people up there, but it is definitely as a result of strict speed limits. The maximum speed limit is often 90 km/h, even on long straight stretches. Built-up areas sometimes have a speed limit of 40 km/h. It often seems extremely slow at the start of the journey, and it can be tempting to speed up, but after a few days you’ll get into the swing of things. You get to enjoy the view and let your eyes wander, almost making the act of driving a secondary activity.


Fresh fish and
Fresh fish and


Granted the love that Nordic people have for stockfish is something quite unique, but the smell and taste of air-dried cod is not loved equally by everyone. The good news is Scandinavia has a whole host of delicacies to offer. And sometimes they even have ingredients other than fish!

It goes without saying that fishing and fish-based meals have strongly influenced Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish cuisine for as long as anyone can remember. And if you’re a true Icelander, your Saturday mornings will always start with a hearty breakfast of salmon and pickled herring. Go ahead, give it a go – you’ll be surprised. It goes perfectly with the salty air and rugged charm of the Nordic landscape. On your trip you’ll discover the many sides of Scandinavia, its quaint markets and regional specialities. And it’s even better if you have your own motorhome. You can just pick up a few fresh mussels to cook and enjoy yourself. The same goes for a succulent lamb steak.


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