Travelling solo can be a little challenging every time you do it, and we at Carado know what it’s like. You have to take care of everything yourself after all, from planning the route and packing the bags to setting up when you get to your destination. But that’s exactly what makes it great – freedom. You’re free to do whatever takes your fancy at that moment in time. And it’s even better if you have an ever-reliable motorhome. 




The joy of having
too much choice
The joy of having
too much choice


If you’re travelling on your own, the journey is just as important as the destination at the end of the day. Simply stopping whenever and wherever you want. Getting lost in the tiny streets winding their way through the old town that you stumbled on by accident. Sitting in the café for a little longer than planned simply because it’s just so nice. You don’t have to watch the clock, everything is done at your pace. And then you can continue the journey in your Carado whenever you like. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? We think those are the best things about travelling solo. 


Active, relaxed
or both
Active, relaxed
or both


Parasol, beach towel and the latest best seller. Backpack, trekking poles and hiking boots. Road bike, mountain bike and helmet. Whatever you need for your idea of a break, a Carado has room for everything. Just load it, and you’re ready to hit the road. Leave the daily grind behind and watch it fade from view until it’s suddenly gone from your mind. Switch off and start enjoying your freedom. Hello holiday!


Bon appetit! Bon appetit!


Will you go for something home-made? After all, many people find cooking for themselves on holiday a real plus. You can take time to try something new and eat alfresco. Just wonderful! If you go for a wander through the local market, you’ll get inspired and find everything you need for your very own feast. And perhaps you can convince one or two of the stall holders to let you in on a top tip for cooking a traditional local dish. All that’s missing is a glass of wine. Or would you rather have a nice cold beer?


Enjoy your freedom to explore in comfortable surroundings. Your Carado is your home on the road. The initial holiday excitement is followed by the familiar homely feeling that makes travelling in a Carado something quite special. 


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