You sit and wait to ambush them with a fly swatter or rolled up newspaper in hand. You lunge your way through the motorhome, from one end to the other. Thwack! Smack! No success. Not only are these tiny insects annoying, they also zip about fairly quickly. We’re sure you’ll be all too familiar with them. We are too, unfortunately. But we do have a solution. 

Season start

It’s spring! Sun rays gently warm your skin. The days are growing longer while the mercury level rises. Be still our beating hearts! Camping lovers like us can hardly wait for that first drive of the year and the first holiday. We’ve put together a list of handy tips for you, showing you how you can make your Carado ready to hit the road when camping season arrives after the winter hibernation. Follow these tips and your first trip of the year is sure to be an absolute delight.

What to pack

Well, anything that you need for your dream holiday. We know that every person will have needs and ideas that are completely unique to them, and that’s a good thing. However, there are a few things that everyone should take with them. The most important of these are, of course, travel documents such as ID, driving licence, vehicle registration and insurance documents. Don’t forget your bank or credit card as well as some cash for tolls and parking charges. Warning triangle and high-vis vest should be stored somewhere on board that’s easily accessible, and last but not least, a first aid kit should also accompany you on your trip. You can find out what should be in the kit here.

Loading weight

Your holiday is fast approaching, and you’ve spent some time excitedly thinking about what you want to take with you to make sure your year’s big event is not spoilt by having forgotten something. Full camping equipment? Obviously! Summer clothes, swimming gear, bikes and supplies? But of course! Plus you absolutely mustn’t forget your kayaks. And why not? There’s plenty of room for them after all. Well, plenty room, yes, but how does it impact the maximum allowed mass permitted for your motorhome?

Dog friendly travel

There’s no doubt about it – man’s best friend is a holiday essential, and travelling by motorhome makes bringing them along even more convenient. Your home comes with you after all, including your dog’s. We’ve put together a few handy tips to make your trip paw-some!

Secure storage

One of the biggest advantages of holidaying in a motorhome is that you have tons of freedom and flexibility. Whether you want to go hiking in the hills or swimming in one of Europe’s many lakes. You can pack a paddleboard just as easy as a new e-bike – there’s plenty of room. However, there are few things you need to consider, such as the centre of gravity. Just follow this simple rule: place heavy stuff in the middle closer to the floor, while lighter objects should be put further up. The centre of gravity should always be as low down as possible so that it doesn’t impact the vehicle’s stability as it takes corners. In real terms, this means: Drink supplies or tinned food should be stored in the lower cupboards or in the under-seat storage.


The days are getting shorter, and the leaves are turning autumnal shades of yellow. Unfortunately there are no more holidays for the rest of the year. It’s about time you started preparing your motorhome for the cold winter months, putting it into a well-earned hibernation. We’ve put together some tips so you can ensure your Carado safely survives winter unscathed. 


What is usually a little tricky to do in a car is often much harder in a motorhome just because of how big it is. We’ve put together a few handy tips to make parking on holiday as stress-free as possible and turn you into a parking hero wherever you go. 

Tips for newbies

Departure day is approaching, and you’re getting more and more excited about your first trip. You’re also getting more and more nervous. But don’t worry! We’ve put together a few handy tips for you to make sure your journey is easy going, and your first holiday in a Carado goes off without a hitch.

Driving licence

First, the good news: you’re authorised do more stuff than you think! You don’t need a special permit to drive camper vans or motorhomes in certain cases. Around 85% of motorhomes manufactured in Germany have a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of 3.5 metric tonnes, so they can be driven on a normal passenger car licence.  

Rainy day activities

Everyone who travels with kids knows that you have to come up with something to keep your little ones entertained when the weather isn’t playing ball. We’ve put together a few tips about what you can do when it’s gloomy outside, and they’re guaranteed to brighten up your day. 

Travelling safely with kids.

Hooray! It’s finally holiday time! Families particularly enjoy this time of year as it gives them much more free time, for both kids and couples. Is there anything better than discovering new places? Or rather, using the freedom your motorhome gives you to discover new places?

Toll roads

Full tank? Check. Luggage packed? Check. Important documents stored in an easy-to-reach place? Check. Great, so you can finally get going now, right? Hold up! How has the holiday been budgeted? Have you already factored in fees for toll roads and any vignettes? If not, you’d better get the calculator back out and recalculate everything, otherwise you might just end up with only crackers and mineral water to eat on the trip.

Sleeping on the road

There are few things nicer in life than stopping at a random spot to set up camp for the night right in the great outdoors. Even better if you stop at particularly spectacular place, far away from the hubbub of the city. Although there are restrictions on when and where you can do that. We’ll tell what you need to know about camping beyond basic pitches and campsites.

First aid kit

It’s bound to happen to someone in the middle of a holiday: Your yummy fried treats turn out to a big hit with everyone, and they tasted so good that you’re going back for a generous second helping – and before you know it, you’ve got belly ache. Or you go walking in the hills and unexpectedly fall over, spraining your ankle. Or you’re out in the sun a little bit too long during the day and suffer the effects of sunburn in the evening. The good news is a first aid kit will help prevent most aches and pains or at least help you get a handle on them quickly.

Technical equipment

Take things slow. Have a digital detox. Just leave those work emails in your inbox. Go on, your road trip will feel so great if you do. Unfortunately, we know that it’s not always that easy. There are a few digital aids that you won’t want to do without after all. That’s why our Carado motorhomes also provide a few handy gadgets.

Leisure activities

Fishing. Hiking. Biking. Swimming. Yoga. Travelling with a motorhome makes a multitude of holiday hobbies and recreational activities twice as fun because you can always easily change scenery. Plus, wherever you thought was previously inaccessible can now easily be discovered. All you have to do it fire up the engine and get going.

Ein kleines Mädchen genießt die kuscheligen Betten im Wohnmobil

Perfect Sleep

If you get up in the mornings feeling groggy, it could be down to your party animal nature. Or it could be an uncomfortable bed. You don’t just want to have great days out when you’re on the road, you also want to have a great night’s sleep. Many people get put off going on long distance holidays for this very reason and stay at home instead. But you can combine home and away perfectly: Get a good night’s sleep in a familiar bed and still travel the world! Waking up in your home away from home, well rested and relaxed, ready and raring to go for another exciting day – there’s no greater feeling.  

Das Wohnmobil fährt abends durch verschneite Berglandschaften

Winter Holiday

Not everyone is enamoured with the idea of holidaying in a motorhome in the middle of winter, but sceptics often have an inaccurate perception of what it’s like. Motorhomes built nowadays are perfectly equipped to deal with any weather. Winterproof vehicles also undergo testing and are placed into two different categories: “winterised” (grade 2, suitable for an outside temperature of 0°C) and “winterproof” (grade 3, suitable for an outside temperature of -15°C). A reliable motorhome home is one that provides protection from the cold and damp, as well as a constant supply of gas, water and electricity. So why not enjoy the magical charms of winter in a Carado?

Koch Phillip Rachinger kocht im Wohnmobil


“One year. Three countries. 24 chefs.” – Carado’s culinary project. Professional chefs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland took part in “The Way of Taste” project to show that you don’t need the complete professional kitchen set up to cook creatively. To put this to the test, they conjured up fabulous meals in a Carado kitchen. They always had fresh local ingredients with them, most of which were picked or bought the same day. The chefs came up with some great ideas and recipes, which immediately make you want to ditch the usual pasta in tomato sauce and try something more adventurous. 

Der Vater kocht einen Pfannkuchen im Carado

Cook or Eat Out

It’s the feeling of sheer freedom that people love about travelling in a motorhome. Here today, there tomorrow. Somewhere entirely different the day after. The same goes for mealtimes. It’s a lovely feeling when you can just wake up and choose there and then whether to rustle up breakfast yourself or drop by a nice little café instead. Or you can decide whether you want to spend your evening sitting outside nice and cosy with a glass of wine, or whether you want to go to the local bar. Having so much choice is holidaying at its finest.


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