If you get up in the mornings feeling groggy, it could be down to your party animal nature. Or it could be an uncomfortable bed. You don’t just want to have great days out when you’re on the road, you also want to have a great night’s sleep. Many people get put off going on long distance holidays for this very reason and stay at home instead. But you can combine home and away perfectly: Get a good night’s sleep in a familiar bed and still travel the world! Waking up in your home away from home, well rested and relaxed, ready and raring to go for another exciting day – there’s no greater feeling.  




Quality lets you
sleep soundly
Quality lets you
sleep soundly


A combination of slatted frame, high-quality mattress, plus a topper and luxurious custom-fit bedding if you so wish, are the most important ingredients to sleep peacefully and soundly.

Quality matters on the road too. Lots of Carado customers tell us that they sometimes sleep better in our beds than the ones they have at home. This is firstly down to the perfect balance of elements in the standard design, and secondly because customers can make their dream bed by adding special accessories or custom features. The mattress also needs to support the body perfectly, be breathable and be efficient at getting rid of moisture. People new to motorhome living should test the bed just for a couple of nights so they can see for themselves what it’s like to sleep in a Carado.


Big, bigger,
Big, bigger,


People come in all shapes and sizes, and beds usually do too. Sometimes this can be problematic as the average height in Europe is 1.8 metres for men and 1.66 metres for women,  so if you’re taller, you’ll probably feel pretty uncomfortable in a two-metre-long bed. But don’t fret, there’s a solution!

Are you taller than average and come up against height constraints time and time again? Or perhaps you just want a bed with a bit more room to stretch out in than usual? Not every motorhome will match your expectations of ideal layout and bed size, but the more variety a manufacturer can offer you, the better your chance of finding the right size of bed and motorhome to suit your needs. Carado gives you an abundance of options for a great night’s sleep with 23 models offering single beds, transverse beds, queen-size beds and double beds. And with almost all of them, you can choose to upgrade the size of the bed.


Two for one! Two for one!


Life is rich and diverse. If it wasn’t, it’d get pretty boring. But variety doesn’t always make it easy to choose the right motorhome. Sometimes you go it solo, other times as a couple, and sometimes you travel with your kids or grandkids. So how are you meant to make this work perfectly?

Whether you’re on the road with your partner, family or friends, the bed situation will make all the difference. A big double bed can be quickly and effortlessly converted into two single beds, turning a fixed space into a comfy night for everyone in the motorhome. Not forgetting the extra options: pull-down bed or converting the bench into a spare bed. All of these offer the flexibility you need in seconds flat, meaning you can hit the road with up to six people any time.

Some think of our motorhomes as their trusty home on wheels, while others see a vehicle with endless possibilities. It’s all a matter of perspective. But whatever your situation: solo, in a couple or with the whole gang in tow, hitting the road is always great fun.


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