Carado – simply well built

Neustadt in Saxony, Germany. Not far from Dresden lies the state-of-the-art Capron plant where Carado motorhomes are built. Our highly experienced employees contribute their wide-ranging design and manufacturing expertise to create our high-quality vehicles. 

We have always prized exceptional quality and high functionality in our vehicles. After all, you want be able to enjoy your motorhome holiday without a care. That’s why our Carado motorhomes undergo several quality control checks on their journey from a bare base vehicle to a cosy home on wheels. 

So what does that look like in practice? The vehicles are always assembled on one of two production lines that stretch over hundreds of metres. The sides and roofs are manufactured in a separate division where the body shell, insulation and interior are bonded together, pressed and milled into shape. The necessary furnishings are also constructed at our facility and are delivered straight to the assembly lines. There are highly committed experts at each step of production who are responsible for guaranteeing continual compliance with Carado’s quality standards – from specialists in bodywork, mechanics and logistics to carpenters, electricians, plumbers and engineers.

Our motorhomes are built using efficient manufacturing processes and a unique logistics system that ensure a high degree of flexibility and cost benefits, making our vehicles more affordable. We also have decades of experience and important synergies as part of the ERWIN HYMER GROUP to draw on for development, services and purchasing. Taken together, it makes for excellent value for money, and this benefits one person in particular: you.

Capron motorhome factory

Our factory was founded in 2005 in the town of Neustadt in Sachsen where thousands of Carado motorhomes have been produced year after year since 2006. The ERWIN HYMER GROUP has expanded the site over the last few years and transformed it into an ultramodern centre of excellence. The Group has located several partner companies and suppliers in the immediate vicinity. This allow us to optimise processes now and in the future. 

Welcome to Carado!

Do you dream of unforgettable travel adventures in our vehicles? So you want to have a peek behind the scenes and see how a Carado is made? No problem! Just make a firm booking for one of our popular factory tours. On the tour you’ll be familiarised with all manufacturing processes at the Capron motorhome factory, starting with the bare vehicle chassis all the way through to a fully formed, state-of-the-art Carado motorhome.


We look forward to your visit!



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