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 Which exhaust emission standards do Carado motorhomes meet?

Our vehicles comply with the currently valid Euro 6 standards according to EC directives.

• Which WLTP CO₂ value does my Carado motorhome meet?

As our motorhomes are registered as special vehicles, we are not obliged to state these values. Therefore, we are unfortunately unable to provide you with any information in this regard and refer you to the manufacturer's specifications from the chassis supplier.

• What is the mass in running order and the possible payload?

You can find all technical data (including information on mass in running order and payload) in the price list, which you can easily download. 

 What is the mass in running order?

The mass in running order is determined in accordance with VO (EU) 1230 / 2012 (basic vehicle weight, 75 kg driver's weight, 90% filling of fuel tank), but taking into account the running load of the fresh water tank (20 litres), a filled aluminium glass bottle (15 kg) and a cable drum (4 kg).

• What are the technically permissible maximum laden mass and possible superimposed loads?

The technically permissible maximum laden mass and possible superimposed loads depend on the model. The respective maximum weights can be found in our price list. Subsequent superimposed loads are also possible via our chassis specialist Goldschmitt.

• What is the difference between high and low frames? 

Depending on the vehicle category and conditions, the layouts are built on the high frame or low frame. Conceptually, motorhomes on low-frame chassis have a step, unless they have a double floor. On high-frame chassis, on the other hand, the running floor and the transition to the driver's cabin are step-free. 

• Are the vehicles equipped with Isofix?

Camper vans are equipped with two Isofix places as standard from model year 2020. Motorhomes and vans are also equipped with two Isofix places as standard from model year 2021. 

• Which Isofix and child restraint systems can be used?

The Isofix places are generally approved for child seats with the classification "Universal" and the three-point belt. Child seats with a stand may not be used. The system is designed for child seats with the use of a top tether.

• Which child seats may be used?

In principle, the child seat manufacturers state for which vehicles they are approved.

• For what weight are the beds?

Lifting bed partially integrated

max. 250 kg

Lift-up bed integrated

max. 250 kg

Alcove bed

max. 250 kg

Bunk bed (A361, A461)

max. 100 kg

Rear bed Camper Van

max. 200 kg

Rear bed motorhome

max. 200 kg

Single beds motorhome

max. 2 x 100 kg

Bunk bed Camper Van

max. 2 x 100 kg

Additional bed above seating group Camper Van

max. 70 kg

The specified load limits are surface loads.  

• What is the weight of the electric step?

The electric step can be loaded with max. 200 kg.

• Which body battery comes as standard?  

An AGM battery with 95 Ah is fitted as standard. A second battery can be ordered as an optional extra. Both batteries are installed under the passenger seat.

 How does a charge booster work?

While driving, the living area battery is charged by the vehicle's alternator. Fluctuations in the charging current and a voltage drop between the alternator and the living area battery impair the performance of the living area battery. The charge booster is used to keep the charging current from the alternator constant and to compensate for any voltage drops.

• What is the difference between an absorber and a compressor refrigerator?

These two differ mainly in the way they operate. The compressor refrigerator works on operating source 12V and 230V independent of the outside temperature. This means that even at an outside temperature of 40 degrees, the contents of the refrigerator can still be cooled well. The absorber (operating source 12V/230V/gas) is different: it can only cool within a certain temperature range (compared to the outside temperature). 

• Which refrigerator is installed?

Our motorhomes are equipped with an absorber refrigerator and our camper vans with a compressor refrigerator.

• Can I have special equipment retrofitted?

Depending on the type and scope of the special equipment, retrofitting may be possible. For more detailed information, please contact your nearest Carado dealer. To the dealer search

• I would like to upgrade my vehicle. What do I have to do?

You can have your Carado vehicle paper-loaded either through your dealer or directly through us. To do so, please contact our customer service department by e-mail, stating the chassis number: service@service.carado.de

• What kind of loading is possible?

Vehicles on light chassis from model year 2020 can be loaded up to 3,650 kg without changes to the chassis. Motorhomes up to (and including) model year 2019 can be loaded up to 3,850 kg. Light chassis can be loaded up to 4,000 kg by our vehicle specialist Goldschmitt. However, this is associated with modifications, costs and an adjustment in the vehicle documents.

• Which radios can be used on the factory radio preparation?

If only radio preparation has been selected, any DIN radio can be installed. If "Rear view camera preparation" is selected, only the radio / multimedia system offered by Original Parts and Accessories (without the corresponding adapter) can be installed.

• Can the 5th seat be retrofitted?

Yes, the parts for the 5th seat can be retrofitted by the dealer. However, it should be noted that the additional seat must be registered with the TÜV. In addition, it should be checked whether the additional weight makes it necessary to increase the vehicle's weight.

 I have questions about the COC paper

COC papers have only been available for our vehicles since 2010. There are technical data sheets for all previous models, which are generally recognised. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service: Phone: +49 7524 999-360 Available: Mon. - Thurs.: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm | 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Fri.: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm E-Mail: service@service.carado.de 


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