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V 132 Europe Edition
Seats 4 Persons
Berths 2 - 3 Persons
bed type Double bed
Length Overall 5,95 m
The Carado model for love birds. Cosy and compact. Complete with a transverse bed in the rear. Developed around a fully equipped Citroen chassis including all the mod cons. Finished with graphite-grey decals. Europe for two.
from €45.899,00*
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V 337 Europe Edition
Seats 4 Persons
Berths 2 Persons
bed type Single bed
Length Overall 6,65 m
Enjoy plenty of space to relax in even at bed time thanks to the comfortable single beds in the rear. The fully equipped Citroen chassis with all the mod cons is even more comfortable than ever. Step inside the graphite-grey cab and head out to discover Europe!
from €48.999,00*
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V 339 Europe Edition
Seats 4 Persons
Berths 2 Persons
bed type Queensbed
Length Overall 6,86 m
Slim and agile. The compact Carado Van impresses with an incredible sense of space.
from €48.999,00*
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*The gross sales price shown includes 19% and 7% sales tax (i.e. 119% and 107% respectively). Please note that the VAT rate has been reduced in Germany in the period 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2020. The net price must therefore be determined from the gross sales prices shown (119% and 107%) (100%). The reduced payment amount is then determined on this basis (116% or 105%).

Mobile all-rounders Mobile all-rounders

Every last feature complements the rest. But what exactly do our 132 and 337 van models have to offer? Well let’s take a look:

• Lightweight design within its class: Leave bulky designs and high fuel costs in the past. The state-of-the-art Europe van is both powerful and efficient on the road. 

• Compact, versatile, and fully functional: It might look delicate, but it certainly packs a punch: the Europe van can handle everything from hairpin turns to historic town centres and much more besides. It also comes complete with everything you’d expect from a real motorhome.

• Second-vehicle functionality: Fancy driving the Europe van to work or to drop the kids off at school? Sure, why not? This versatile vehicle is just as suitable as a second vehicle as it is as a motorhome.

• Compact exterior dimensions: If an everyday all-rounder has to be one thing, it’s compact. Fortunately, the Europe van is the ideal choice whether you’re loading up after a spending spree or cruising through the city.

• Smart layout options: Every last inch of the Europe van has been well thought out, which makes for an incredible sense of space no matter which layout option you choose.

• Made in Germany: German technical expertise and design is synonymous with exceptional standards. It goes without saying that the same applies to the Europe van, which is why every last detail – no matter how small – is of premium quality.

• Unbeatable value for money: A motorhome should be neither oversized nor expensive. Fortunately, the impressive design and affordable price of the Europe van make it a popular choice for those who are happy to forgo the extra frills without compromising on quality.


What makes the Europe Edition
so special?

Body & storage space

Nimble: These narrow camper vans are a breeze to manoeuvre and pack big holiday fun into the most compact of spaces. The body is made from durable materials with a seven-year water ingress warranty. You can fit everything inside with its high load capacity and spacious garage.

Living room

Simply cosy: The van’s living space boasts extra comfy furniture and swivelling front seats, and extending the tabletop creates a mini dining area.

Sleeping area

Ready for bed: The high-quality mattresses in Carado camper vans ensure you experience luxury comfort to rest easy and sleep peacefully while on the road.


Compact cooking: The ergonomic kitchen offers a whole host of handy storage and worktop spaces, plus a three-burner hob, spacious drawers and a fridge with freezer compartment.


Simply perfect functionality: Convenient Vario bathroom with large mirror and clothes rail.


From bicycle carriers to bedding

Safety you can rely on and travel in luxury included.





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