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Neustadt in Saxony, Germany. The modern Capron production plant is located here, not far from Dresden, and this is also where Carado motorhomes are built. Our experienced employees contribute all their expertise to the development and production of our high-quality vehicles. 

Special quality and high functionality have always been important to us. After all, you should be able to enjoy your holiday with your Carado without any worries. Our motorhomes therefore undergo several quality controls on their way from a simple basic vehicle to a comfortable apartment on wheels. 

What exactly do these look like? The vehicles are assembled on one of two production lines, each several hundred meters long. The side walls and roofs of our vehicles are manufactured in our own department, where the outer skin, insulating materials and interior decor are glued, pressed and contour-milled. The required furniture parts are also produced on our factory premises and delivered directly to the assembly lines. Whether you are a body builder, automotive mechanic, carpenter, electrician, installer, logistics expert or engineer, it is motivated specialists that ensure that our strict quality standards are consistently adhered to in every area.

Motorhomes are produced in efficient manufacturing processes, and a special logistics concept ensures high flexibility and cost advantages, which have a positive impact on vehicle prices. In the areas of development, service and purchasing, we can also draw on decades of experience and valuable synergies within the ERWIN HYMER GROUP. All this ensures an excellent price/performance ratio, from which one person benefits above all: you.

The Capron Motorhome Plant

Our plant was founded in 2005 in Neustadt in Saxony. Since 2006, thousands of Carado motorhomes have left the production lines here each year. In recent years, the ERWIN HYMER GROUP has expanded the site into a modern competence centre and has established additional partner companies and suppliers in the immediate vicinity. This allows processes to be better and better optimized today and in future. 


Are you dreaming of unforgettable travel experiences in one of our vehicles? And do you want to take a look behind the scenes and be there when a Carado motorhome is built? There’s nothing easier than making that happen! Simply register for one of our factory tours. You’ll get to know the entire production process at the Capron motorhome plant – from the simple vehicle chassis to the modern Carado motorhome. We are looking forward to your visit!


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