Welcome to Croatia, the perfect destination for motorhome enthusiasts. Beaches that stretch for miles, unspoilt nature and a plethora of small islands entice you to come explore them. All the while the weather is heavenly, and everywhere is affordable for families. 


Relaxing on the road Relaxing on the road


To get to Croatia from Germany, you have to travel through neighbouring countries Austria and Slovenia. A wealth of delightful campsites await you on your travels, meaning you can break up your journey and arrive at your destination well rested. 

There is a slight downside though, and that’s toll road charges. However, the tariffs are kept reasonable, and you shouldn’t let them spoil your holiday by any means. Both Austria and Slovenia have vignettes, or “Pickerl” as they’re know in Austria, and depending the route you’ve chosen, certain sections of road and tunnels in Croatia incur a small charge. There’s a good summary of all charges and lots of handy information on the ADAC website (in German).   


Town. Countryside. Sea. Town. Countryside. Sea.


Pristine beaches and crystal clear turquoise water: A paradise for those who like their holidays wet. Many of the beaches are tucked away in small hidden coves where you can enjoy a day by the sea, bathed in glorious sunshine and totally secluded. 

Of course, Croatia has a lot more to offer than just its stunning beaches. Go to one of the country’s many national parks, such as the Plitvice Lakes, to discover beautiful waterfalls and caves and take a walk through the contrasting landscapes. There’s even something for culture lovers and those who prefer what towns and cities have to offer. Take the family on a stroll through picturesque coastal towns such as Pula, Rovinj and the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the old town area of Split. It’s the perfect way to balance out a day at the beach. You can then take your time and wind your way back to the Carado with ice cream in hand. 


Gaming fun for the whole family Gaming fun for the whole family


Of course, you don’t have to be in Croatia to play Kubb; it’s good anywhere. But regardless of where you play it, it’s always the ideal game for four to six people. That means it’s perfect for taking with you on your family holiday.


So, how do you play it? Mark out the pitch to measure five by eight metres. Place five wooden blocks on both short sides of the pitch. The distance between the blocks should be roughly the same, and the king block is placed in the middle. Now it’s time to knock over the other team’s blocks until you run out of wooden batons. Then it’s the other team’s turn. Once all of the blocks on your opposing team’s side have been knocked over, you can now start aiming for the king. If you knock the king over, you win. All you need to play Kubb is a patch of grass, so it makes for the perfect travel game. And if you play when you stop off for a break, it’ll make pit stops even more fun and enjoyable. It’s fun for the whole family on the road. You can find detailed game instructions here.

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