It’s the feeling of sheer freedom that people love about travelling in a motorhome. Here today, there tomorrow. Somewhere entirely different the day after. The same goes for mealtimes. It’s a lovely feeling when you can just wake up and choose there and then whether to rustle up breakfast yourself or drop by a nice little café instead. Or you can decide whether you want to spend your evening sitting outside nice and cosy with a glass of wine, or whether you want to go to the local bar. Having so much choice is holidaying at its finest.




When shopping becomes an experience When shopping becomes an experience


Oh, what a beautiful smell! If you’ve already walked through a market in southern France or Italy, you’ll know exactly what that smell is. Fresh fruit is attractively presented in neat rows, big round wheels of cheese lie waiting to be sampled, while freshly caught fish and delicious seafood fill seaside stalls ready for you to have a taste. It’s a feast for the senses! Who wouldn’t be licking their lips at all this food?

Markets across Europe are guaranteed to impress. They’re often colourful and bustling and always full of diverse produce. They make you want to try whatever takes your fancy as you pass. It’s a shame if you’re staying in a hotel as you can’t take this delicious food and cook something yourself. But thankfully travelling in a Carado gives you the flexibility to do that! Imagine you’ve come across some fresh artichokes on the local market, and the seller gives you some recipes ideas for them. Or perhaps you want to make a fruit salad using all the delicious local varieties. You can make it all happen on holiday as your motorhome gives you your own kitchen.


Hello there neighbour! Hello there neighbour!


Most of the time it’s nice to have your own space as you travel around in your Carado, leaving you to do your own thing. But sometimes making new friends on the campsite can add a little extra excitement to your day. You find out that you share the same interests, not least because you’ve both chosen the same destination. What better idea than to sit around and chat over a drink?

We know: You hit the road and at first, you just want to be alone, leaving the familiar and the daily grind behind. Your motorhome is your key to freedom from all of this. But you’re still happy to be sociable every now and again. So lo and behold, you find yourself chatting to your neighbour on the pitch next to you and find it’s quite nice doing things with other people. Sharing a meal is often the beginning of a great friendship. And the best thing about it? You don’t even have to think about how you’re going to get home afterwards.


Culinary discoveries
with a motorhome
Culinary discoveries
with a motorhome


From the Allgäu cheese route through the Alps down to Lake Constance. From the grapes in the Baden vineyards to the delicacies of Styria: In Europe, a small area can pack in so much to discover, including lots of new foods and flavours.

Have a go at planning a really tasty trip. When you have your own vehicle and a good route, it’s sure to be an amazing experience for you and the whole family. And it’s not exclusive to Germany either, there’s a whole host of culinary delights to discover and savour across Europe. Visit a French beekeeper in Provence and learn the secrets to scrumptious lavender honey. Plan a route through Switzerland to discover the country’s cheeses as you go or head for the best vineyards in the Loire valley. Culinary road trips are all the rage, and they’re made all the more delightful in a Carado. Bon appetit!


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